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Thai chicken curry

½ tsp. ground cumin
½ tsp. coriander seed
2–3 dried chilli peppers
3 garlic cloves
2 limes
3 tbsp. sesame oil
8 tbsp. soy sauce
600 ml coconut milk
100 g unsalted cashews
600 g chicken breast
1 red pepper
1 yellow pepper
2 lemongrass stalks
1 red chilli pepper
4 leeks
2 bunches of coriander

Thai chicken curry

Actually you’d really like to travel…
But why not simply prepare an Asian meal rather than suffer from wanderlust?

Lightly brown the cumin, coriander seed and dried chilli with no oil or fat. Peel and coarsely chop the garlic.
Use a mortar and pestle to crush the browned spices, the garlic, a pinch of salt and 1 tbsp. sesame oil together.
Put this spice paste, the juice of 1 lime, the rest of the sesame oil and soy sauce into the mixing container and mix 1 min. at level 1.
Remove 3 tbsp. of this marinade and reserve in a separate container.
Add the coconut milk and the cashews to the rest of the marinade in the mixing container.
Set the timer to 10 min., cooking level 120 °C.
Slice the chicken breast into very thin strips and slice the peppers into strips as well.
Keep the chicken and pepper separate, but mix both with the reserved marinade.
Cut the lemongrass stalks in half lengthwise; remove the woody outer section.
After 10 min., place the steaming bowl into position and put the lemongrass and chicken into the bowl. Place the steaming rack into position and place the pepper onto it. This way, the pepper remains firm to the bite.
Set the timer to 15 min., cooking level 120° C.
Remove the steaming bowl and the adapter carefully. The marinade has collected here. Add it to the sauce and put the sauce into a pre-heated bowl.
Remove the lemongrass and add the chicken and pepper to the sauce.
Serve the curry dish over fragrant rice, garnished with chopped chilli peppers, leek rings, limes cut into eighths and coarsely chopped coriander.
10 min 25 min