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Flattened buckwheat balls with parsley potatoes and steamed tomatoes

130 g Buckwheat groats
450 ml vegetable broth
900 g potatoes, waxy variety
4 medium, vine-ripened tomatoes
1 tsp. sea salt
Half a vanilla bean
1 tbsp. olive oil
Half a bunch of parsley
1 onion
Half a red pepper
2 carrots
1 pinch of salt
½ tsp. ground mace
1 pinch ground chilli peppers
3 tbsp. buckwheat flour
2 tbsp. olive oil
Vegetable oil for frying
½ tsp. salt
Ground black pepper from the peppermill

Flattened buckwheat balls with parsley potatoes and steamed tomatoes

This power-packed meal helps you shake off everyday sluggishness.

Bring the buckwheat groats and the vegetable broth to a boil in a small pot, stirring constantly. Then remove the lid and allow them to swell for 15 min., stirring occasionally.
Use this time to peel the potatoes and halve or quarter them, depending on size; put them into a pot with salt water and set them aside. Wash the tomatoes and cut a cone into the tomatoes around the stems to remove them. Mix the sea salt with the vanilla pulp and some olive oil and pour the mixture into the holes in the tomatoes. Place the tomatoes in the steaming bowl.
Tear the parsley leaves from the stem, put them into the mixing container; pulse 5x at the turbo level and set aside. You do not need to cleaning the mixing container now.
Peel and halve the onion. Clean and core the pepper and cut it into strips; peel the carrots and cut into thin slices. Put vegetables and the spices into the mixing container and mix at level 2 for 20 sec. To do so, place the mixing attachment in the mixing container.
Use a spatula to push the grated vegetables down to the bottom; add the swelled buckwheat, flour and oil to the mixing container and mix together with the vegetables for 2 min. at level 1.
Season the mixture with the spices to taste and put it into a bowl. Add 1 tbsp. parsley and set aside. Then clean the mixing container.
Put the potatoes and the salt water into the mixing container and set the timer to 25 min., cooking level 120° C. Place the steaming bowl with the tomatoes into position and close the lid.
After 15 min., heat some olive oil in a pan at medium heat. The bottom of the pan must be covered with oil. Wet your hand and form balls from the buckwheat mixture. Slide each ball from your hand into the pan; press the balls in the pan down to flatten them somewhat. Fry each piece approx. 5 – 6 min., then flip it over.
Fry it on the other side approx. 4 – 5 min.
The buckwheat balls and the potatoes should be finished at the same time. Remove the steaming bowl and the adapter carefully because the condensed liquid has collected here. Strain the water from the potatoes and allow them to steam.
Arrange the flattened balls in the centre of each plate, quarter the tomatoes and add them to the plates. Place the potatoes on the plate. Then drizzle olive oil over the dish and sprinkle it with the rest of the parsley.
15 min 25 min