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Chicken fricassee

500 g chicken fillets
150 g carrots
100 g onions (2 onions)
100 g frozen peas
1 small jar of asparagus (in pieces)

1 small jar of mushrooms (instead of asparagus)
1 shot of white wine
150 g cream
1 litre water
50 ml cold water
3-4 heaping tbsp. cornstarch (approx. 60 g)
1 heaping tbsp. dried chicken broth
Fresh parsley

Chicken fricassee

It still tastes better when you make it yourself.
And that’s really not as hard as you might think…

Pour 1 litre water into the mixing container. Dice the carrots and onions and place them in the lower section of the steaming attachment and the chicken fillets in the upper section.

Set the timer to 30 min., cooking level  120 °C.
Stir 50 ml cream and 50 ml cold water together with the cornstarch and set aside.
Place the chicken fillets aside, let them cool and cut them into pieces.
Drain and reserve the cooking water and pour 550 ml of it into the mixing container.
Add the carrots, onions, peas, 100 ml cream, chicken broth and 1 shot of white wine.
Set the timer to 5 min., cooking level 100 °C.
When 2 min. are left, pour in the stirred cornstarch mixture until the sauce is as thick as you like it. When 1 min. is left, add the cut up chicken fillets and the halved asparagus pieces (or mushrooms).
Season with salt and perhaps nutmeg and fresh parsley to taste.
10 min 15 min