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Carrot stew

600 g carrots
350 g potatoes
100 g onions
100 g diced bacon
3 salami-style sausages
300 ml water
1 tbsp. dried vegetable broth

Carrot stew

Before you flip out, let me take care of this for you:
conjuring up a stew in a flash: what could be better than that?

Drop the onions into the container with the blade running; process 5 sec. at level 3.
Use a spatula to push the onions down from edge to the bottom of the container.
Add 100 g diced bacon to the onions in the mixing container and sauté; set the timer to 2 min., cooking level 100 °C.
Coarsely chop both the carrots and potatoes and add them to the mixing container; shred 8-10 sec. at level 3.
Cut the sausages into large slices (not too thin) and place them onto the carrot-potato mixture.
Mix 300 ml water together with a heaping tbsp. of dried vegetable broth and pour the mixture over the ingredients in the mixing container. Set the timer to 25 min., cooking level 100° C. Depending on the desired firmness to the bite, the cooking time can be extended to 28 min.).
15 min 25 min