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Béchamel sauce

For ½ litre
60 g flour
40 g butter
½ litre cold milk
1 pinch of nutmeg
Lemon juice

Béchamel sauce

This is a recipe you must always have at hand!
And with James, it practically makes itself.

Sift the flour and cut the butter into pieces. Place the milk, butter, salt, nutmeg and flour in the mixing container.
Place the mixing attachment into position.
Set the timer to 10 min., cooking level 100° C.
Season the finished Béchamel sauce with salt and lemon to taste.
Or season with a few drops of Worcester sauce.
Tasty spices for Béchamel sauce include nutmeg for vegetables or curry for fish.
You can also add fresh herbs to Béchamel sauce. For example, parsley and tarragon are especially good.
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