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Strawberry ice cream with amaretti cookies

12 amaretti cookies
300 g frozen strawberries, unsweetened
60 g sugar
1 packet vanilla sugar
200 g cream
100 g crushed ice

Strawberry ice cream with amaretti cookies

Refreshingly fruity and sooo easy.
You will really enjoy this ice cream – and not just in the summer!

Set 4 amaretti cookies aside.
Place the rest of the cookies in the mixing container.
Pulse 3x at the turbo level.
Set the amaretti crumbs aside.
Place the strawberries, sugar, vanilla sugar, cream and crushed ice in the mixing container; mix 15 sec. at level 4. Use a spatula to scrape the ice cream mixture into a bowl; mix in the amaretti crumbs. Garnish each portion with an amaretti cookie and serve immediately.
The ice cream can also be prepared ahead of time and frozen, but then the amaretti crumbs do not remain crispy. To serve, take the ice cream out of the freezer ahead of time and mix in the amaretti crumbs.
1 min 20 sec