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Raspberry tart with pistachios

200 g frozen raspberries
80 g butter
125 g ladyfingers
100 g sugar
300 ml cream
1 packet instant gelatin
1 packet vanilla sugar
250 g cream cheese
1 packet chopped pistachios

Raspberry tart with pistachios

Let’s lighten things up…
With this summery raspberry tart you’ll beguile all of your guests – we promise!

Thaw the raspberries: separate 1/3 out to use for decorating and thaw the other 2/3 in a bowl. Melt the butter in a small pot, break the ladyfingers  and put them into the mixing container.
Pulse 5x at the turbo level and chop finely at level 4 for 20 sec.
In a bowl, mix the ladyfinger crumbs and melted butter together.
Snap the ring of a springform pan (ø 20 cm) onto the base.
Press the ladyfinger mixture evenly onto the based and place it in the refrigerator to chill.
Put 100 g sugar into the mixing container and mix at level 4 for 10 sec. Pour the sugar into a small bowl. Use the mixing insert and the transparent lid insert and beat the cream at level 1 for 30 sec., and then at level 2 for 1 min. until peaks form. Place the whipped cream in the refrigerator to chill.
Drain the raspberries in a sieve, add the juice together with the instant gelatin to the mixing container and mix at level 1 for 30 sec.; add the raspberries, sugar and vanilla sugar and mix at level 3 for 20 sec.
Add 200 g cream cheese and mix at level 2 for 1 min.
Put the raspberry crème into a bowl and fold the whipped cream into the raspberry crème.
Pour this mixture into the springform pan and spread it out flat.
The tart must be chilled for at least 5 hours.
When the tart is set, remove it carefully from the springform pan and garnish with the chopped pistachios and raspberries. Then serve immediately or put it back into the refrigerator.
10 min 15 min