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Apple cake with vanilla sauce

For the shortcrust pastry:
100 g blanched almonds
250 g flour
80 g brown sugar
1 pinch of salt
1 tbsp. yoghurt
1 egg
150 g butter

For the apple filling:
100 g blanched almonds
1 lemon
700 g apples
3 tbsp. agave syrup
50 g brown sugar
2 cl Grand Marnier
1 pinch of cinnamon
200 g powdered sugar
3 tbsp. warm water

For the vanilla sauce:
300 ml milk
40 g sugar
1 pinch of salt
4 egg yolks
1 vanilla bean
10 – 15 g cornstarch

Apple cake with vanilla sauce

Despair and heartache? One bite of this apple cake is all it takes to forget.
Even your mother will be amazed!

Put the almonds into the mixing container and chop at level 4 for 30 sec. (yields ground almonds).
Insert the mixing attachment and use the lid insert.
Add the flour, sugar and salt and mix at level 1 for 20 sec.
Add the yoghurt, egg and soft butter in pieces. Mix together at level 2 until a dough is formed. Remove the dough from the mixing container and add flour as needed to knead it into a ball. Form the ball into a roll, wrap in plastic foil and chill for 30 min.
Pre-heat the oven to 175° C (upper and lower heat, not convection).
Put the almonds into the mixing container and chop at level 3 for 15 sec. (yields slivers).
Place the slivered almonds into a bowl. Squeeze the juice from the lemon, quarter the apples, remove the cores; cut half of the quartered apples into thin slices.
Mix some of the lemon juice with the apple slices to prevent browning and add the mixture to the slivered almonds in the bowl.
Place the rest of the quartered apples in the mixing container. Add the agave syrup, sugar, Grand Marnier, cinnamon and the rest of the lemon juice and chop at level 2 for 20 sec.
Add the chopped apples to the apple slices and mix them together.
Place baking parchement in the springform pan and grease the edge with butter.
Remove the dough roll from the refrigerator.
Cut discs of dough from the dough roll and press them, one by one, into the form to line it with an even thickness of dough at the bottom and side of the pan.
Pour the filling into the form and distribute it evenly. Fold the edges remaining above the filling down onto the filling. Roll out the rest of the dough and use it to cover the rest of the filling.
Bake in the pre-heated oven for approx. 40 min. at 175° C (upper and lower heat, not convection).
Remove the baked cake from the form.
Mix 200 g powdered sugar together with 3 tbsp. warm water; use the mixture to glaze the cake. Allow it to cool.
Here’s how to prepare the delicious vanilla sauce:
It’s best to make the sauce when the cake is already in the oven. That way it won’t get cold before it’s needed.
Place the mixing attachment in the mixing container.
Put the milk, sugar, salt, egg yolk and the vanilla pulp and bean into the mixing container.
Set the timer to 10 min., cooking level 70 °C.
Stir the cornstarch together with the cold milk and add the mixture to the vanilla milk.
Set the timer to 3 min. and cook everything at cooking level 100° C.
Allow the finished sauce to cool somewhat and then serve with the apple cake.
5 min 60 min