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Kiddy cocktails with peaches and lemon soda

Lemon syrup
Carbonated mineral water
12 organic lemons
5 peaches
300 g sugar
Powdered sugar

Kiddy cocktails with peaches and lemon soda

These make the kids feel all grown up.

Peel the peaches, remove the pits and dice the fruit. Set 1 peach aside for decoration. Place the peaches with the lemon juice and powdered sugar in the mixing container.
1 min. at level 1 and pulse 10x at the turbo level.
Place the purée in the refrigerator to chill.
Mix the lemon syrup at a 1:5 ratio. Pour the peach purée into a glass and fill with lemon soda.
For decoration: form peach balls using a melon baller.
- min - min