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Egg liqueur

egg yolks
200 g sugar

1 packet vanilla sugar

250 g cream
250 g Korn liquor

Egg liqueur

Not just for those occasions when Grandma comes to visit:
when you have something to celebrate,
this recipe guarantees a good mood!

Place the mixing attachment in the mixing container.
Put the egg yolks, vanilla sugar and sugar into the mixing container.
Tip: Reserve the egg whites. You can make delicious cookies with them.
Have a look at the “Wasp nests” recipe.
Set the timer to 3 min., cooking level 70 °C. Beat until foamy. Do not use the lid insert.
Add the cream and the Korn liquor. Stir for 3 min., cooking level remains at 70 °C.
Then pour the finished egg liqueur into a bottle.
5 min 3 min