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Salmon tartar with lime and wasabi

200 g salmon fillet (Sushi quality, without skin and bones)
1 lime, organic
200 g smoked salmon in one piece
3 spring onions
100 g crème fraîche
1 – 2 pinches Wasabi crème
2 tbsp. olive oil
1 tbsp. agave syrup
Shiso cress or garden cress

Salmon tartar with lime and wasabi

There’s no better way to start a long night of revelry!

Both types of salmon and the crème fraîche must be chilled for the preparation process!

Finely dice the salmon steaks and place them in a bowl.

Wash the lime in hot water, grate the peel, put it aside and squeeze the juice from the lime.

Dice the smoked salmon and cut the spring onions into rings.

Put the crème fraîche, half of the lime juice, a pinch of Wasabi, pepper and salt into the mixing container and mix at level 2 for 20 sec.

Put the Wasabi-crème fraîche mixture into a small bowl and season to taste. You do not need to clean the mixing container.

Put the spring onions, grated lime peel, the other half of the lime juice, olive oil, agave syrup and the diced smoked salmon into the mixing container and mix at level 3 for 10 sec.

Add this mixture to the diced salmon steaks, add 1 tsp. Wasabi-crème fraîche and season to taste with salt and pepper.

Lightly oil the inner surface of a rectangular or round (ø 6 – 8 cm) appetizer mould and set it in the centre of a large plate. Fill it with the salmon tartar, press the tartar lightly into the form and carefully remove the mould. Spoon some Wasabi-crème fraîche onto the tartar and garnish liberally with cress. Dab the rest of the crème fraîche around the tartar and use a spoon to draw it into small lines. This dish is served with a baguette. Sesame-crusted white bread from a Turkish baker also tastes delicious.

The quicker you serve the tartar, the better. This will ensure it has precisely the right temperature. If you’ve stored it in the refrigerator, don’t serve immediately, but take it out to warm up 20 minutes beforehand…

10 min 5 min