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Creamy cheese soup

400 g herb processed cheese
300 g ground meat (pork and/or beef)
300 g leek
375 ml water
200 g cream
1 onion
30 g butter
1 heaping tbsp. dried vegetable broth
1 TL cornstarch

Creamy cheese soup

An absolute classic! And when you serve it to a group,
the pot is empty before you have time to look …

Peel the onion and drop it into the container with the blade running; process 5 sec. at level 3.
Then use a spatula to push it down from edge to the bottom of the container.
Add the butter and sauté 2 min., cooking level 100° C.
Clean the leek, chop it coarsely and add it to the mixing container.
Mix at level 3 for 20 sec.
Crumble the ground meat over the leek and add 375 ml water and a heaping tbsp. of dried vegetable broth. Heat 10 min. at cooking level 100° C.
Finally, add the herb processed cheese and the cream.
Mix 1 min. at cooking level 37° C.
If you like, mix in a tsp. of cornstarch, but it’s not necessary.
5 min 5 min