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Where can I buy James and how much does he cost?

RRP: 529,00 EUR

I am available in retail stores starting in mid-April. You will find places to buy me on this page then.

When do I use the James’ two-armed mixing attachment?

The two-armed mixing attachment is used to beat egg whites or cream and to stir thin dough-like batters together

(such as pancake or waffle batter).

The mixing attachment is only permitted for use at levels 1 and 2 and at cooking temperature levels 37°, 70° and 100°.

If it is used at cooking temperature level 120° or at mixing levels 3 or 4, James will be damaged!

Why doesn’t the blade rotate along at 120°?

At this temperature level, the food to be cooked is heated fully to this level, but it is not stirred.

This level is suitable for steaming and for all cooking processes that do not include stirring, such as cooking potatoes or briefly heating up soups, sauces and desserts.

Tip! Cooking temperature level 120 ° can be used to sauté onions, spices, etc. for soup and sauces. To do so, mix the ingredients with oil before putting them in. Deglaze the ingredients after about two minutes.

Which mixing level do I use for which processes?

Mixing level 1:
400 rotations per minute: for beating egg whites and cream and for emulsifying mayonnaise.Mixing level 2:
1000 rotations per minute: for beating egg whites and cream, for cold-stirred desserts, for mixing thin batters (with the mixing attachment) and for kneading yeast doughs, for example (without mixing attachment).Mixing level 3:
3000 rotations per minute: for crushing fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts and puréeing soups and sauces.Mixing level 4:
6000 rotations per minute: for crushing fruit, vegetables, herbs and nuts, puréeing soups and sauces, and for making powdered sugar.Tip!
Start each mixing process at the lowest level and increase the level every 10 seconds up to the desired mixing level. This allows optimum mixing of the ingredients and prevents them from spraying out.

Turbo level

By pressing the function button, the maximum mixing level (7000 rotations per minute) can be selected briefly at every cooking and mixing level at any time. The turbo button function can also be selected when the function button is in the “Off” position.

What do the error codes mean?

The mixing container is not placed properly and James is not yet in the locked position.

Interruption in the electric power supply. See “Power supply interruption”.

The mixing container and its lid are not placed and locked properly. Turn the function button to the “Off” position and place and lock the mixing container into position properly.

How do I clean James?

Before cleaning, pull out the power supply plug and allow James to cool down.

To ensure electrical safety, do not use liquids to clean James and do not immerse the machine. Please do not use any harsh or abrasive cleaning agents.

Just wipe the main body of James with a slightly moist cloth.

Simply clean the inside of the mixing container under running water. The lower section of the mixing container must not be immersed in water in the sink. For this reason, do not clean the mixing container in the dishwasher.

All of the other removable parts can be cleaned in water in the sink or the dishwasher.

If the blade is very dirty, simply clean it with a brush. Caution! The blade is sharp.

Always keep the contacts below the mixing container clean and keep moisture and food residue away.

Can the mixing container be cleaned in the dishwasher?

No, the mixing container must not be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The lid does not fit.

First pull the lid over the lip on the mixing container and then push it down on the handle side until the lid clicks into place.
Please check this procedure with your James.

Where can I order spare parts and accessories.

You can easily order spare parts or accessories online at our web site, www.severin.de under “Service / Spare parts shop”.

What all can James do?

James the Wonder Machine can cook, steam, grind, stir, beat, knead, mix, emulsify, blend, crush and heat.

What material is used to make the mixing container?

The removable mixing container consists of high-quality, stainless steel.

What material is used to make the blade in the mixing container?

The removable blade consists of high-quality, stainless steel.

What comes with James upon delivery?

James consists of many individual parts. The scope of delivery includes:

• Motor block

• Removable mixing container made of high-quality, stainless steel along with a stainless steel blade

• Two-armed plastic mixing attachment

• Two transparent lid inserts

• Four-part steamer attachment

• Practical mixing wand

• Two-armed plastic mixing attachment

• The practical cotton shopping bag for times when you’re on the go is useful and protects the environment.

How big is James?

James is not only attractive, but there’s also space for him in every kitchen:

Dimensions including steamer attachment, approx.: W = 44 cm, H = 40 cm, D = 31 cm
Dimensions without steamer attachment, approx.: W = 33.5 cm, H = 29 cm, D = 27.5 cm