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I’m James. Nice to meet you! What’s my plan? I want to make your life easier… not to mention a bit tastier. I’ll help you conjure up the perfect menu from fresh ingredients in next to no time. It couldn’t be easier. And regardless of whether you’re aiming for a simple dish or a sophisticated meal, the results will certainly be delicious. James’ word of honour!
I’ve done a lot of work to let you know about everything you can do with me. Here, at the Home of James, you will find everything there is to know about me and where and how I can be used. And one thing is for sure: you will be amazed by the many different functions. I steam, heat, cook, knead, grind, stir, mix, emulsify and crush everything you can think of that tastes good. There are no limits to your imagination! And while I’m doing the work, you can open the wine and look forward to the meal…
And by the way: if you need a few ideas to get started, my friend Barbara is looking forward to a visit from you. Just have a look around the Home of James and discover a wealth of recipes that she has put together for every mood – garnished here and there with tips on how to use me. Have fun! Yours, James



Allow me to introduce myself:?
I am James - you don´t
need anything else!

Allow me to introduce myself:
I am James – you don´t
need anything else!

James the Wondermachine is a truly talented all-rounder! After you learn about everything I can do, you will never want to be without me.

Get to know me better and discover your options. My high-quality material, versatile accessories, various temperature and power levels and much more make cooking with me into child’s play. And, of course, a real pleasure for you!

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James the Wonder Machine helps not only in preparing delicious meals:
There’s almost nothing James can’t do. A couple of sparkling drinks for your next cocktail party? Even you can conjure them up with James the Wonder
Machine in no time. Just have a look at my recipe collection and your next party is saved!